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Ruvani van Spaendonk
Van Lier Shoes, Voorzitter Parents Association International School Breda

I have known Ger Rombouts for 7 years, in different capacities within the school. He was the Director of the International school of Breda during the time that 2 of my children attend/ed it. I was on the Parent Association of the school for 6 years of which, I was the Chair of the Association for two years. I have known him in his capacity as the leader who set up the International school of Breda from nothing into a school of approximately 350 students (including 40 different nationalities), the head of my children's school and as a professional partner in ensuring that the school and its community were communicating well and working together for the benefit of the school, the community but especially for the education and well being of the students.

In the capacity of a leadership role, Ger was the leader of the team that worked with all partners concerned with planning, organising and building of a new school as well as setting up the management team, hiring teachers, ensuring enrolment, getting planning permission, gathering sponsorships and funding and working on all the necessary facets for building a new school to house the present and future students of the International school of Breda. In addition, he managed to fulfil his role as the head of school, ensuring the curriculum standards were met, dealing with human resource issues, communicating with parents and children, and ensuring the daily running as well as a planning for a strong path for the future.

Ger Rombouts was much appreciated and respected by both parents and students, being a very fair, tolerant, open minded and modern director who listened to the different opinions and took decisions based on what was best for the students and the school. One of the noticeable characteristics during our monthly meetings was the transparency during our conversations and his willingness to listen to the opinions of others. He attended all parent association meetings when his agenda permitted and gave us updates and feedback about the school which helped us to make plans and continue our work. As a parent my experience has been that Ger Rombouts knew all the students by name, followed their development, supported and guided them and corrected them fairly and responsibly when necessary. During the tenure of Ger Rombouts, the ISB was an open and friendly place to be, where respect for each other and tolerance for one another was encouraged and supported throughout the school.